Dimitris P. Kraniotis


Repetition-Dimitris P. Kraniotis

translated by the poet In the middle of the road I came across an old mistake of mine and I went past it. I rushed to repeat myself.   Dimitris P.Kraniotis Dimitris P. Kraniotis is an award-winning Greek poet. He was born in Stomio (Larissa) in central Greece. He studied…

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A poem by Greek poet Dimitris P. Kraniotis:    We ‘re naked now, we donned the colors, undressed words and voices, we ‘re blind now, we drank the light, swam in death, with alcohol and tobacco in our luggage we testified falsely, forgetting who we are we built our life…

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In a flash

 A poem by Greek poet Dimitris P. Kraniotis: You violated the borders which buried their know thyself, you destroyed prisons behind curtains turned ablaze by the spark of your anger, without cries, without whispers, in a flash, that simple it was, you gave birth to light when you embraced what…

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